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The Unlock

Waking up chained to the ceiling in a warehouse somewhere in Lithuania Stephen, an ex-soldier, is faced by his interrogators. They tell him that he was involved in the kidnap of the Russian Foreign Minister by a far right group who will execute the Minister live on the internet in 90 minutes. They believe Stephen knows the whereabouts of the kidnapped Minister, but Stephen has amnesia and time is running out. His interrogators however have been given permission to use any means necessary to unlock his memories – and that means taking them all to some very dark places.The Unlock is the first of a kind. The actor playing the lead role Stephen has not seen a script and knows nothing about the story. Not even the genre of the film. He was isolated entirely from cast and crew until filming ended. Being completely in the dark even reaction is real. We call it Hyper Real filmaking and it has never been done before.The Unlock is now complete and in talks for worldwide distribution.


A former M.O.D scientist, who disappeared years ago, is compelled to surface after a rare gene is found that will change government intelligence surveillance forever. He started the research, now he has to end it before he dies, or even worse, it falls into the wrong hands. Viewers is a tense and continually twisting action thriller about the ultimate real life espionage weapon, which was first used by the CIA, remote viewing. We’re creating Viewers as a stand-alone film that can be the beginning of a Bourne style franchise. based on true, incredible black-ops espionage practices, as yet unseen in film. Currently in pre-production Viewers is ready for the international action/thriller market place.

The Zoo

‘Of course it’s a bloody lie. It’s an advertising campaign.’ James Marlowe has a gift for selling people things they don’t need. As he strives to meet the demands of rival colleagues, amoral clients and his young family, James has to raise his game. A cocktail of cocaine and alcohol fuels his ambition, but when body and mind can’t take any more, he plunges into a surreal world darker than the one he’s fallen from. Based on the critically acclaimed novel, The Zoo is in the early stages of pre-production. The script won Best Screenplay at London Independent Story Prize 2023 and got an Honourable Mention at the Los Angeles International Underground Film Festival